So yeah, here below are 3 chat convos, extracted from my gmail account. If you have a certain harmless sneakiness inside you, like I do most definitely then I guess you’ll have fun.

H.: kandivali
padh nahi rahe hoo?

me: nahi abhi soke utha hoon
dpahar mein padhoonga

H.: padho beta… bhala hoga πŸ˜›

me: haan mere dost mujhse aage nikal jaayenge… aur main wohi ka wohi

H.: ha ha ha ha

me: mujhe fir inferiority complex ho jayega… aur fir main depression me chala jaaonga…

H.: then mental help….

me: haan… and i’ll be in – dependence of my brother…

H.: then the true hero will emerge….
through the shadows of obscurity and failure

me: Resurrected from the ashes of destrusction

H.: the stydyman!!!!

me: porn keetabein?

H.: ha ha ha….
dark seecreet
saala, sabko porn ka bhoot hai

me: haa

H.: i gotta run potty.. will connect in a few moments

me: k


me: bojh halka hua?

H.: haa.. abhi hua
kal thoda jyaada intake hua tha.. festival, gorge on good food

me: haan mera bhi

H.: to, abhi godown thoda khali hua

me: poore saal ka mithaai sala ek din me hi mil gaya…

H: yeah…
24 different types tasted
diabetes hoga lagta hai

me: godown ke overflow hone ka kaaran..

H.: magar, yestarday was very risky

me: agle rakhee pe bina calories wala mithaai…

H.: sab bulding ki choriyan trying to make me bro…
rep thoda kharab hai yahan

me: arey haan kaise bhool gaya
main toh rakhee ke teen pehle aur teen din baad tak scholl nahi jata
but kal jaana padega

H.: ha ha ha ha

me: 😦

H.: chalo beta, PADHO….

me: yeah
i think i shld go now


me: Hey, I am doing the 30 letters wala tag NOW…


me: my blog reached 2500 hits.. lol.

P.: haha
go for it !!!
its fun

me: i will make 5 posts per day to get over with it fast.. and change questions as and when

i want..

P.: what !!
but the whole point of the tag is one letter per day
changing is cheating!
you are a writer!!

me: See, there are shit questions in there.. I won’t change the controversial ones.. I love them!
This is shit:- The last person you made a pinky promise to
The friendliest person you knew for only one day – This too.

P.: duhhhhhhhh
you have to face challenges
even if they’re shitty
the whole point is how you take them up

me: see, i’ll write a letter to a fourteen year old version of myself instead of that shit… will be more interesting also..

P.: gahh
you have to do whats there

me: Okay, Aunty!

see i’m teaching you
such valuable
life’s lessons
“never manipulate whats already there to make your way easier”

me: Epic Lol.

P.: i know
wow, i’m good at this shit.
i should be a therapist

me: Primary Teacher would be more apt

P.: yes and you will be my first student
in the primary school

me: make me a prefect, okay?

P.: what do you have to offer
bribe wise

me: Name your price.

P.: a question for a question!

me: My family is from politics
you can lose your job

P.: mine too
i can get it back

me: We have connections with the mafia also… you wouldn
t exist to get your job back

P.: mafia
thats so freakin awesome

me: We can offer you three years worth of your salary
Is that enough?

P.: depends on what my salary actually is
but i take
the offer

me: Great! I’ll have a badge now. WOW!

P.: yeah
and you can totally pimp it too
like what john cena did with the wwe

me: Yeah… I’ll say to the other prefect, ”YOUR TIME IS UP! MY TIME IS NOW!” in perfect american hip-hop style

P.: sure
you are allowed to do that
you even get to legally bully the
big kids

me: Now, the window seat in the bus is mine and mine alone

P.: yes
and you dont have to do your assignments
you ill be given attendance even if you bunk

me: With school life like this, who wants home.

P.: yes.
see, i already got you into liking school.
wow I am really good.

me: You are great madam. \m/

P.: I know, right?
I will be like the famous loved by all therapist

me: people will come to you from far away places..
they’ll wait three months just to get one sitting,,

P.: totally!
I would’ve ripped you off so much by then
I will take all the money
and go to the himalayas
and live in the valley
in a small wooden home
with a dog

me: Oh Madam, I never knew you were so pure minded…

P.: and flower and fruit plantations in the back yard

me: My respect for you has grown manifold
with all that money i’d go to vegas

P.: oh haha

no see im not very ambitious

me: Why a dog, but? To scare away people?

P.: what!
why would a dog scare away people
mine will be a friendly sadhu one

me: That’s what all dog owners say madam.. when they bite a innocent fellow, he has to go to doctor and take injections..
Your reputation will be soiled if that happens

P.: eh
thats so not true
ive seen some harmless dogs
you just don’t _know

me: haha… they’re all harmless until they bite someone…

P.: yes i’ve read that

me: again madam, you can have a small harmless cat… but that’ll make you look like a crazy witch

P.: what!!
your theories suck Sameer!

me: why a pet, madam?

P.: [and you obviously havent had a cat scratch you]
because i don’t want to be lonely
i really dont think fish is worth the company
or even birds
so it has to be either a cat or a dog

me: You don’t like people?

P.: why, of course i do.
i can hardly think of anyone actually wanting to be
with me
oh god ur making this depressing now

me: See ma’am… now you need your own therapy..

P.: yes i’ve been giving myself one
all this while
and i’ve survived pretty much well
with it

me: well, i think it is unfair even for a dog to stay in a human family

P.: !!
it wont be a family
it’ll just be me and the dog
and it’ll be free
to go out into the woods
in the backyard

me: And bite people?

P.: it WONT
u no
it wont

me: then what will you say to those who have been bitten?
their fault?

P.: see, its different for each dog
maybe that dog was a bitch
but mine wont be like that

me: Maybe that dog was a bitch. Lol.
Maybe that boy was a girl. he acted wierd.

P.: haha awesome irony or what!

me: Phew! I have never been beaten at an argument, ma’am.. the other person is exhausted…

P.: I can make an awesome therapist.

me: I didn’t tell that you beat me.

P.: yeah, you did.

me: I said, it’s futile trying..
Be the rock on which your adversity will smash on and disintegrate.

P.: no it was indirect
be the stone that doesn’t smash when hit upn the rock
and also have the strongest carbon to carbon linkages
that wont let you disintegrate

me: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
I was bad at science.. even in 10th

P.: so yeah
science can beat any argument
or whaaaaaaaaaaaat

me: Har sawaal ka ek hi jawaab…
I love this guy.
He has written what’s on my mind.

P.: arey
i follow his blo

me: you have any argument against this post?

i follow him for the lulz
not really into being argumentative
see, at the end of the day
it really doesnt matter
coz every person is different and has different views

me: But, people scared of dogs do not deserve intense trauma because of someone else’s

It’s not fair.

P.: that is why at the end of any debate, we never really conclude with anything.
its “okay”
to be scared of dogs
[just like its ok to be scared of crosssing roads]

me: Yeah, right… A road will gooble you up without provocation..
Dogs on the other hand have known to gooble up kids.

P.: hey mister, dont judge my fear
a road can certainly gobble me up without provocation
you just mentioned the cause of 86% of the road accidents

me: What?
or Manholes?

P.: what!!
trucks and lorries and cars
and even two wheelers
and other things on it

me: These things are inanimate.. the driver is responsible..

P.: yes exactly
just like the dogs owner
or just people in case of strays

me: Or a mad dog itself!

P.: or the mad you
who wasn’t cautious

me: You think a dog is mindless, not to have launched an attack on its own…
So, you say dog masters are guilty for their dogs biting?

P.: yes
its like your saying
the driver is
but his car
must be guilty of
killing some dude on the street

me: A dog can run away on its own… can a car do that?

the person can kill a guy and take off
me: see, accident is different… unprovocated assault by an animal is different… the driver may not be responsible for a guy getting killed…

P.: you know what
as much as I’d have LOVED to continue this pointless argument [and beat you at it]
I have to crash now
to wake up at 5:30
yoga at 6

me: Haha…
I win!

P.: no wayy
thats not it
they played a tennis match for 2 days

me: Oh, arguments have lasted years

P.: yeahs
true, that.


me: Hiee

A.: chillin yo
ssup wid you?

me: am exhausted
Tutions are a nuisance

A.: lol yes they are

me: Everything I try managing, i end up damaging
See orkut is also giving me a bad donut
And then I have been receiving a lot of flak at the orkut forums for my wriiten work… :-p

A.: lol

me: Mumbai Indians Also Lost

A.: yea

me: Nothing seems right

A.: sigh
tragic life i must say

me: TOns more of sadness…

A.: sure
go read my new post
its super lame
will make u laugh at my dumbness

me: did you know that when kolkata came to mumbai
ze crowd was cheering…
“Wankhede mein aaya bhhooot
SRK ki maa ki choot…”
And also…

A.: lol

me: “Pakistani Haaai HAAi”

A.: aai
didja watch it?

me: “Chutiya banaya, bada mazaa aaya..”

A.: hehe

me: My friends did… many of ’em… and they all had different and interesting quotes to say… am kind of hard on cash to spend 1000 bucks on match that i can watch live on my TV…

A.: oh ok

me: u kahaan?

A.: thane mein mere bhai
main yahan
tum kahan?

me: main in Nerul residentially…

A.: main bhi than resedentially
la la land mein mentally

me: hehe
Thane is near panvel kya?

A.: no re
u dont know history geography of bombay
bad boy

me: Harbour line me toh nahi hai

A.: i m an hour away from u by road

me: How???

A.: nahi harbour se straight connecting freak trains hain magar
some link froom kalwa and airoli and mankhurd

So, yeah. That’s it, if you would like to share your chat conversations too, please mail me. Afterall, literary gems there should be shared with one and all. I will make sure that it gets the attention it deserves.