Dear Blog,

Please do not have doubts over my sanity. I am just a little bored these days. And disappointed. So bored, that I am writing a letter to my blog on my blog. How cool is that.

Anyways, dear blog, you have been the chief source through which I have exhibited my amazing talent to the world. This, 30 letters meme being one such series. I know I have not advertised you that much, but people with a good taste have come to read it, and look in a few days you will have reached 5000 hits. You see, that means, around 5000 times people have seen you and admired your beauty.

The time has come for me to thank you for all this, and in return you should thank me also, since I have made such literary gems on your body that one day the world will see.

I also have to admit, that you are not the first blog in my life, there have been many before, but I think I have come the furthest with you and hopefully will complete many more years.

Good day to you,