One of the things that have intrigued me over the past 4 months I was in Manipal, was  my lost ability of observing patterns in life. I mean, I used to think about it all the time when I was here, and focused a lot on manipulating my attitude in order to enhance my luck. These manipulations were based on the various experiences I had, had in the past.

But, once I went to Manipal, I started to forget there is such a thing as luck in my life. And, even if I remembered it, it was just a fleeting thought rather than a stress agent. I conducted my actions with free thought, and could not make out whether I have been rewarded or punished for it.

Now, I know that this power which I had earlier comes with leading a slow life. You see, when you lead a slow life, or focus your energies excessively on one thing, then you tend to observe certain patterns because even the slightest of changes are magnified in such a case. So, the up down graph can be seen more clearly and so can the reasons for fluctuation be found.

While, in a fast life, you go by so fast, that you don’t realise anything until a big damage has been done.