The last few days have seemed incredibly long. I am getting these sudden bursts of sadness for no reason at all. I lost my wallet, my team Chelsea drew, worse than that, Manchester Fucking United won. (Separate Matches. They play together next week.)

On top of that, I miss being able to go out of the house after 10.30. In Manipal, we used to go out at 3 in the night. Here, I have to fight to even watch TV till that time. This is something I love about hostels which give it’s residents freedom.

Food has been okayish. Unfortunately, we have never been a family of extravagant food.  Vegetable prices are sky rocketing. Onions are 40-50 Rs./kg here depending on what kind of a shop you are buying it from.

And yeah, I am finding it harder each day to stay motivated to keep posting on this blog. Hope I continue. Bye.

Have a nice day,