I have not yet run out of ideas to pimp up the post count of this readerless blog. So, what we have today is an account of what happened this year with my life. Month by Month. I will be relying on my blog, to make out what my situation was at that moment. It will be an interesting introspective exercise for me also, as I don’t remember everything exactly. So, here goes:

1. January: Creatively, this was one of the best months of my life. Not one of the, but in fact, the best month of my life. I must have filled around 150 pages of my notebook all with fictional stuff. Towards, the end though, I managed to lose my notebook. In fact, I lost the bag itself, which contained a Jeans and Shirt, in a local train. I haven’t told my Mom about the loss till date. Will tell her after many years. Lol. Personally, though it was a bad month. I didn’t attend much college, spent a lot of money on smoking and buying books which I haven’t read even till now.

2. February: This post, pretty much explains what I did in the month. Again a creatively high period. I cannot believe how I wrote so fast. Personally, this was the month I decided I am done with Wilson’s and will be going to Manipal. Didn’t tell anybody except for a couple of close friends who is not so close now. Everything drifted after I went to Manipal.

3. March: I didn’t write much here. But, my mom found out that I could not study anymore in Wilson’s. They sent a letter to my house, and when I received her call all I could hear was my mom shouting. I, being I, started laughing. Not loudly though but a silent fit of sorts. I didn’t stop until what seemed like 10 minutes after putting the phone down. Now, thinking about it I am still finding it incredibly funny.

4. April: A happy month. I published Dear Kalpana, on my blog this time. Till date, less than a handful seemed to have read it. But, it’s value lied in the huge amount of chunk that I got out of my heart through it. Catharsis writing at it’s best. Also, I started watching a lot of TV, mainly IPL. I also gave my entrance exam for Manipal during this period. I thought I did well.

5. May: I started a diary this month. And eventually discontinued it because I thought it was playing around with my luck. I attended my vice-principal’s birthday. Even though I was out of school. Was kinda fun. We celebrated in the class with 12th std. kids.  Also, I was now confirmed that I had got admission in Manipal. I received an all India rank of 14 in the entrance test. Which upped my spirits a bit. Nobody below that rank took admission. So, even now, I and one more fellow are the highest rankers entrance test wise. Which gives me the hope that I can crack some competitive exam in the future, and thus help my career from disintegrating.

6. June: This month was bureaucratic hell for me as I had to get my documents back from the Wilson office. Ultimately, it was over, and I still hate those shitheads in the office. It was a great month for blogging though. 23 posts in 30 days is a proud achievement. Something, I might achieve even this time, but unlike June, this time I am not getting any kind of enthusiasm from the readers, which keeps my moral down. I still blog though for catharsis’s sake.

7. July: 28 Blog posts this month so you know what I was doing these days. 18th July, I reached Manipal. What followed was the best four months of my life.

8. 9. 10. & 11. August, September, October, November: Like I said, these months have been the best months of my life. Ludo, Old Monk, Ek Chai-Ek Milds, Pool, FIFA on xbox, Card Games, Dinner at 3:00 a.m., Money management, Flake, etc. In short Manipal Institute of Chilling.

12. December: HOME. Depression. Boredom. Chelsea getting fucked. Freedom Unavailable. Creativity gone kaput. And blogging upsurge.