Below are the status updates I made on Facebook during the calendar year, 2010. I am posting them on my blog, because I feel I make good status updates, and also because they serve the same purpose which my blog serves. Revealing what Sameer Jha is all about. So then, here goes the list. The latest status update posted first. In total there are 31 of them.

  • I love arrogant sportsmen. Except, of course, if they are not Australians.
  • I don’t know why this show on star world is named, “How I met your Mother?”. Where is the mother? And when does anybody meet her? Avid viewers, kindly enlighten.
  • What is the fun of singing a song if you know the lyrics?
  • So many people are having poor diwalis, this time round. The coming year might be financially black.
  • Very few times, you tell this to your roommate. Good morning, and sleep tight!
  • Good friend says: salaa, before coming to manipal i thought i’ll not be able to stay away from my family. But now toh i don’t even miss my family. Mom ka call aata hai toh i think sala fir se baat karna padega!
  • In this exam you may get good marks by copying, but the exam that god will take, there you will be on your own. – My school principal.
  • You know you are technically challenged if you type ‘www’ before going to a website.
  • Sunday passes away so soon? Why? Because it starts very late!
  • Robert : Sir, Chai mein Shakkar dalne ka time ho
    gaya kya…????
    Bajaj : Shut upp……
  • Facebook pe saalon kuch bhi daalon, ladkiyan aake ‘So true…’ comment karne hi waali hai..
  • 10th boards ka marks removal is definitely a tragic move. I think preparing for Boards is very beautiful. Getting excited about somebody else’s marks is even more beautiful.
  • Just threw a chewing gum out of the window. My mom got hyper, as if it’s going to fall on someone’s head. Phew!
  • ‘Please don’t call me arrogant, but I’m European champion and I
    think I’m a special one.’ -Mourinho
  • Winning the man of the match- Rs. 5 Lakhs; Dropping a simple catch in a crucial stage- Rs. 1 crore; Bowling like Agarkar- Rs. 2 crore, Pissing off all MI supporters and CSK haters- Priceless. -Zaheer Khan, the all new smiling brand ambassador for MasterCard.
  • In response to yesterday’s nightmare at DY Patil, 200 Mumbai Boys have signed a pledge to use only Surya TV for jacking off purposes.
  • I am going to pray in Balaji temple, so that Chennai play Balaji.
  • MI vs. RCB today. As Ravi Shastri said, “The hottest dish down south is not Idli-Dosa, It is not Medu Wada, It is UTHAPPA. And looking at how Robin is playing tonight, it’s Tomato and Onion Uthappa.” #reallyhappened #notmadeup
  • 11.30 looks like a peak time for FB users. No wonder I feel no regrets making R-rated status updates.
  • Watching matches of only the team that you support is like, fast forwarding a movie to catch only the sex scenes. #ipl
  • Effecting 2 run-outs for his own team, dropping a catch, giving away 16 runs in an over at a crucial stage. Just, another day in the office for Agarkar.
  • Yesterday, we saw in Chennai how Sachin’s food (Wada-Sambar, of course) was mixed with something conspicous. Afterall, when you see Badrinath hitting great shots, and Tyagi going for less than 10 runs per over, you understand: Sambar mein kuch toh kala hai!!
  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a better sense of humor, than all the writers and directors in Bollywood, combined. He says, “Mujhe malloom hai mera maxx ka mobile top ka phone hai…”
  • Just shaved. Only because, an aunty asked me, “Beta, tum depression mein ho kya?”
  • Barking dogs may seldom bite, but they always almost scare. #facebookgroupsuggestions
  • In 6th-9th standard, I used to get so many remarks that the remarks page got over. #facebookgroupsuggestions
  • Tum sab ice-cream waalon ko, ek hi fridge mein band karke rakhna mangta hai… -Kirana shop owner to ice-cream supplier.
  • Has just ‘earned’ a Bournville; but doesn’t have enough money to ‘buy’ it.
  • It is strange that my blood group isn’t negative, because my character definitely is.
  • Aishwarya Rai says that she doesn’t judge people. I think that is why she married Abhishek. 😛
  • Crack of all trades and master of fun.

I hope you ‘like’d it. There’ll be more posts on this blog in the coming future.