Without the customary ramble, I am going to get straight to the meat.

  1. Complete assignments on time. Not for marks but for saving unnecessary tension later. It anyways, takes one day. I am not going yo do them very well anyways.
  2. Smoke less. I have reduced after coming here in Mumbai, I hope to continue that chain there too. The problem is, I tend to smoke during nights which I can’t over here since I stay at home.
  3. Improve my pool game. After the initial spurt of improvement, I am stuck at one level for a long time now.
  4. Eat breakfast. It’s the best meal of the day. Also, I think I eat more in breakfast than lunch and dinner combined.
  5. Keep my attendance in check, like last sem. Bunk karo, lekin dhyaan se.
  6. Look for an apartment, where I can move out with my friends from second year.
  7. Go somewhere. Like, outside Manipal. Goa ka plan hai, but I am a bit lazy you know.
  8. Gain weight. This is on all my lists. When, I come back to Mumbai in May, it’ll probably still be on my list. 🙂
  9. Keep this blog, active. At least one post every fortnight. One every week if possible. It’s tough for me to maintain a diary, so if I blog honestly about a few days of my life, I can easily go back in time later.
  10. Try my level best to follow the above 9. It’s tough enough.