It’s been 31 days since I came back to Mumbai. And, 9 days from now, I’ll reach Manipal. It has been a hard month for me, though. I was not able to do the kind of things that I wanted to do in these vacations. I am to blame, but not entirely. Things just kept happening at the wrong place at the wrong time.  But then, that is the rule of nature. You’ll always need sadness in order to  grow.

I am pretty satisfied with the amount of posts I have made on my blog. The count is 15, without any tags and shit.

The month started with me not having internet at home, and when I finally got it, it was too fucking slow and not according to the promised plan. Surely, jinxed I am at the ultimate level.

Anyways, let’s see what happens. There are things which are not in your control. You cannot strategise your life to be perfect like a chess game. No matter how correct you are in every move that you make.