The tragedy of my life is I feel really uncomfortable flattering someone. I mean, there have been people whom I have sent fan mails, but then they were too freakishly talented in my eyes when I wrote those mails.

Also, I am always quick to make a sarcastic comment. I find doing something like that really funny. The thing is, complimenting someone requires less creativity, and does not hold any uniqueness. If at all, you genuinely try to be unique while complimenting, it’ll be taken as sarcasm. While being sarcastic or rude, is funny for you. And for the person it’s referred to as well, if he/she takes it in the right spirit. Retaliation from the other side with the same level of snark is just the sweetest utopic thing you could ever ask for. But, again if I am rude, I am rude creatively. So, the retaliation should not be something like “Fuck Off, you asshole”, or the resolution to sever all ties from me.

At a intra-personal level, this habit of mine is somewhat good. But, it sucks when it comes to the inter-personal communications.

I think I’ll change from now on. Be more gentle with my comments, but where’s the fun in that?

Still, if anybody is there? I’d like to hear what you’ve got to say on the topic. I am slightly confused on this, so your thoughts will be influential. But use logic, for chrissake.