The topic of ‘buying clothes’ seems very trivial but if observed closely, one’s buying habits can reflect his/her attitude towards life. (I have nothing else to do in life than observe trivial things.)

The thing is, once I settle into something I like, it’s hard for me to change my inclination towards it. I like buying the same kind of clothes from the same shop, and sometimes even the same color. This, my mom doesn’t understand. I also like to purchase clothes of darker shade since they get less dirty (or look less dirty) and nothing too funky or fancy. (I am not in 10th standard anymore.)

It’s not like I am very conscious about my appearance or anything. But, still I have difficulty in liking anything my Mom chooses for me. (Blame it on refined taste.) So, eventually I end up spending a lot of time on coming to a conclusion that satisfies us both and still end up feeling grumpy.

Some people, just go out to buy to fill their wardrobe:- I don’t have a corduroy, so I’ll get one. Okay, I have all colors but red, let’s get something of that color. In girls, this phenomenon is even more heart-ache inducing. (It is there in most of them.)

If you want to judge how confused a person is, take him to a clothes store. Make sure it is a surprise. Give him/her a budget and ask them to choose anything. Then judge them on the basis of how much time they have taken to buy the product, whether the product is worth it’s price, whether the person really needs it, etc. I am the sort of person who if he does not find anything, will buy underwears. They are always useful.

If you want to judge how critical a person is, ask them to judge clothes. If they are logical, they will tell you what it is in the garment that makes them feel bad/good about it. It’s not about the garment that the person choses, as much as it is the reason he/she gives for chosing it. They like the color, the fabric, looks okay, and best of all, correctly portrays the kind of image that one has of oneself.

I have not been as logical with my clothes, since now, but today I made observations and they are here with you.

Enriching your life as always, (Kidding!)

Sameer Jha.