This was suggested here.

Before I begin, I’d like to add on a personal note that this is my last day in Mumbai. I will be embarking on a 15 hour bus journey tomorrow. Here’s hoping that I land safe and sound in Manipal after that.

Anyways, now to the topic.

The three countries I’d like to visit are:-

1.) Russia

Well, not only do they have the most beautiful girls in the world, they also have produced some of the best literature in the world. Also, I get a lot of Russian spam on this blog. So, yeah.

2.) Ireland

Listening to an Irishman speak is poetry to my years.Β  ‘Nuff said.

3.) Pakistan

Again, this is a country which has ruled our psyche for long. Also, there is a joke going that if Pakistan gifts us all its girls, we’ll be glad to give them Kashmir. πŸ˜› I would also go there to see an India Vs. Pakistan cricket match when that happens. I connect a lot to the Pakistan Cricket Team by the way, you know having the match in the bag and blowing it away. My friends who follow cricket agree with this self-evaluation of mine whole-heartedly.

So yeah, that’s it.

Until Next Week, this is Sameer Jha, signing of from Mumbai for Narratively Yours.