Life has been kind to me since I last blogged. I have been running into a hell lot of gossip lately, and spice is the flavor of the week. It’s tough to lead a life like mine in Manipal. Everyone has complications and all that torment their minds on regular basis. Or if their life is simple, they are either a very regular alcoholic or a big time stoner.

The thing with my life is, that even if I reveal the most complicated secrets of my life, it will not be of interest to anyone. Anyways, I’ll quickly take a few questions mentioned in the Daily Post.

How do you  stay focused on a task or activity?

I srain my eyes really hard. Help karta hai.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Living the JHA way of life.

Write about one thing you’ve never told anyone and explain why

I’ve never told anyone that I’m a sex addict, because it is a blatant lie.

If you only had an hour to live, what would you do with those 60 minutes?

I would take people with me. Hum toh doobenge sanam tumko bhi le doobenge.

Anyways, this is Sameer Jha from Narratively Yours, signing off from Manipal.