In my life, I have this personal shit detector, which tells me what kind of a person I should establish regular contact with. Like the things I don’t want in a good friend of mine, is extreme westernization (Apne ko thoughts Indian mangta hai), extreme nature of asking for money, someone whose thoughts are extremely redundant and illogical, chipkoo types (overly dependent people), lameassness, etc. etc.

I also have this habit of not trusting people easily. But my whole spectrum views the person not as a whole, but as to how that person will be to me. If a person is bad morally, like if he keeps 3 girlfriends at the same time, then it is not my problem. I will still be good friends with him, and focus on keeping our relation intact. Some people judge people on how they are as human beings, and what all the do in life, etc. My priority isn’t that. I want wavelengths to match, comfort to blossom, and conversations to flourish.

He/She may hae killed a person, for all I know but as long as he is a good company to me, I have no issues.

What is your criteria to filter a person?