Well, I have written before and I am planning to write heavily again. For the lean period that I observed, was fun and all. But, I realised that I am not making value addition to someone else’s life or my own.

I started feeling a bit useless, even though I became very liked as a person. Now, that the dust has a settled and my writing tyres are back in running condition, I will make sure that I come back to doing what I feel most happy after. Even though, the process of writing can sometimes be very painful.

I go back to 9th standard when I started my first blog. It was because I felt enriched by reading other blogs and wanted to give enrichment myself.  The blog posts, now when I see it are the shittiest poop ever written. But, when I wrote it I felt wise. I guess, Chetan Bhagat too must be feeling wise after writing all that he has.

Also, I would like to state that I won’t regret my lean phase. After all, the lessons of the life cannot be learnt through art.