To tell you the truth, I am not very good at my job. I don’t give the students anything to think about. I frankly don’t care whether they do their homework or not. I try to help people who are on the verge of failing but that’s where I draw the line.

Some friends, I have spoken to have said that I should be more responsible with my job since I hold India’s future in my hands. What they don’ understand is, that I never really wanted to be a teacher. It’s just that I felt, it was easier than working in an office or something, and paid the same salary. I am not a big spender, and 25 K a month is pretty much enough for me. So yes, I planned for my future. Let today’s children plan for themselves.

Most of my colleagues do not share this same realistic attitude as mine. But, I can see that their teaching skills are no better. It’s pretty natural, the number of teachers required in India, are much more than the number of people who teach for the love of it. Unlike, engineering or commerce, one needs some sort of a born talent to teach.

I don’t have that talent, still I teach. Why? Because to be a good student also, you need some sort of a born talent. Not many students have that then why should all teachers have it.

I am pretty regular in taking classes, though sometimes when I am tired I just give away a free period. These are the times, when a teacher like mine, should not have much ego, and silently take in whatever rudeness the student might indulge in. It is because, I know I deserve a little rudeness.

To the good student, I’d like to say that they should learn on their own. Please understand my situation also.



That was the first write-up of the series. Next in line is: An Indian Drug addict speaks.