As I am writing this, my friend here has gone to get some more maal. In the meantime, I will tell you something about how things happen in our world.

Well, each one of us has a different story. After all, everyone tries weed. You look at sports enthusiasts in school or absolute nerds, there will always be people from every possible stereotype looking for some spice in life. My reason to do weed was simple, everyone around me was trying it, and as they say in hindi, I washed my hand in the running Ganges’.

That day, we sweared that we’ll never do it again. But, we did it. It was not like we needed it, but we felt like tigers who had tasted a man’s blood for the first time, and relished it so much that they wanted to go into a village where all who lived were humans.

We felt our self esteem rise, every time we did it. Our talents, till now lying beneath the sea, came out like a fucking Tsunami. We felt for the first time in our lives, truly gifted.

Things went on from there, and somehow (after failing one year) we passed college.

Now, as I am sitting here, typing the last few words of this confession, I wonder. If I can go this high, by doing such entry level drugs, what will happen if I go higher.


This was a work of fiction. And a part of a series that I am currently doing.

I am still confused about what I should do next. Suggestions welcome.