Since the time I was not even old enough to be consciously aware of my surroundings, I was nocturnal. According to family, I was pretty much a crying child through the day, and at night I suddenly got the urge to play.

After that, I came to a like Mumbai, which is again a night city. Then came internet and the benefits of using it at night. (I was in 9th standard then, so you can guess the benefits that lay therein.)

And finally now, I am in Manipal, where you don’t feel like sleeping for the fear that if you sleep at 3.00 am you will not attend tomorrow’s class, so what you do is pull off an all nighter and directly go to breakfast, (excellent breakfast our mess provides) from where we head to class.

So yeah, the night is not pretty dark in Manipal.

I am not sure, if the post made any sense but then yeah, none of my posts usually do.