Today is my 16th birthday. Tomorrow is my first ever Pre-Boards. Not like I am worried though, afterall Pre Boards and shit like this, will come an go, but this beautiful day on which I have turned 16, will never come again. So, yeah I’ll try and eat as much chicken as I can. You see at my age, alcohol is not really popular thing we do on birthdays.

Coming back to pre-boards, I don’t understand why these scholars are studying so much now only. I mean there’s a lot of time left for the boards, so if they score 95 now only, what scope for improvment there’ll be left for the future.

I personally don’t have any desire to score big. I just want sufficient percent to keep my reputation intact amongst the family. Achieving that should be pretty easy given how smart I am and how much rigorous training we get at our school.

Anyways, after all said and done, this was the year where I actually got exposed to the outside world in the true sense. As in, I started travelling long distances on trains in order to reach my tuitions. I learnt how to be less fearful of the authority through my tuitions. Ironically, the 25K I paid for it, hardly helped my studies, but it has given my personality a huge boost.


Okay this was the third one. I am seriously looking for more such roles to portray. If you wish to suggest anything, please leave a comment. ๐Ÿ™‚