I think I should
do something
and make this life worthwhile.

I should probably
cut my hair
and have a good hairstyle

I should then
rush back back home
and get a new mobile

I should also
learn something
to add to my style.

Someday I will
go for an interview
And put my qualifications in a file.

There are things
that I have done
that are totally juvenile

Now and then,
when I look back now
All I do is smile.

I told habits
to change themselves
and let me lead a healthy lifestyle

Habits just smiled at me
and made a
Sweet Denial

I told habits
I won’t give up
My commitment is not fragile

I will read inspirational books
and give their theories
A trial

I think these books are shit
filled with obvious
puke and bile

But then the obvious needs reminding
Sometimes, when the phone is not received
you need to redial

These 3 years
That I will be
Spending in Exile

From now on
I will make an attempt
To make my life worthwhile.

Not many poets who have written a poem will admit this openly, but the art of writing poetry is simple. Take a topic, choose a word with many rhyming words. (Like Worthwhile.) And make sure that that word is not very often heard. But pretty much in even the most elementary English speaker’s vocabulary. Then choose rhymes, and using those rhymes tell the truth. You will somehow reveal a bit of yourself and your opinion about life.

^^^That is how you write a bad poem.