Being outclassed by lesser mortals is quite often the case for talented people. One knows that the ideas the other person is propagating is somewhat amateurish, but struggles to come up with a better idea himself. Talent, afterall, is only an innate ability to do things better and not really a tool that can be carried in a pocket and pulled and presented outside as and when required.

A talented batsman may go through a bad run, when he is not concentrating enough and thus lose his spot in the team to a less talented individual. The Batsman knows that his replacement is not as good as him, he cannot achieve the same level of artistry that he can, but still when it comes to scoring runs, the talented batsman somehow cannot cope up with the competition.

Talent, I believe, is somehow both God-given and achieved by the ability to keep going deeper into the subject. The God-given ability may make an artist outclass someone who has worked harder than him, and thus giving the talented individual a sense of pride and ego. This is where the danger begins, and such thought can totally cloud the knowledge that one has gained. (He learns faster, and forgets even more faster.)

Always, trying to push the limits can sometimes be frustrating for the talented individual as constant work can never let him bask in personal glory and see his own ego inflate. Both of which are a very nice feeling to have, but ultimately detrimental to the greater cause.