“Look Man,

What you are going through now is nothing new. We’ve all been there and done that. See, now that she is no more in your life, you will feel a sense of hollowness creeping into you. Your jokes will not be that good. And, even if they are, you will not feel the same level of creative orgasm as you felt when you cracked the joke to her.

Now and then, you will think that some miracle will happen and at least you can just be friends with her. Or some shit on the same lines. But, look mate life isn’t like a movie. Once gone, forever gone.

The sad part is that something that ends abruptly hurts much more than something that doesn’t start at all. But trust me, getting over it is not as big a deal as it might look to you now. Just don’t get obsessive. My PT teacher used to say, there are three W’s that you shouldn’t get obsessed with too much: Weed, Wine and Women. He actually said, wealth, wine and women but I changed wealth since I don’t see it as a big threat to me. Lol. Plus, of course, our PT teacher wouldn’t tell us that such a thing like weed exists.

Sorry for the short digression there, but if required, what you can do is to think about an unknown dream girl, kind of a thingy. You know like Maya in Dil Toh Paagal Hai. It’s stupid, and I haven’t done it. But, it might just work for you. Give it a shot.

Whatever happens, you will be tougher as a human being once you get out of it.

Enough said. Now buy me a cigarette as counselling charges. And try and delete all the shitty love songs that you have on your phone.



As I finished sending this mail to him, I felt a nice sense of pride, for saying such beautiful thoughts. I felt like I had helped a friend who was in misery, and expected gratefulness from him for at least a week.

After that, talking about so much love made me shift to Facebook, and the first thing I did after logging on, was – Well, of course – Look hopefully at a girl’s wall for some fresh activity and smile. After all, I did not see myself as an Average Joe who falls too easily into love. I thought, that until something new comes all I could do is bask in past glory.