If this sounds pompous, it is not. It should be read as a story where human spirit has triumphed over all odds.

Over the last weekend, I have single-handedly pulled off a newspaper, of which I am immensely proud of. Not because it is great or anything. But, because the amount of sweat and toil I put into it, I didn’t even put when I was giving my board exams. (Not even when I was busy chasing a girl in 11th standard.)

And strangely, I did it when all odds were placed against me. When I told my friends that I will do my newspaper on my own and not with a group, and it will have 100% original content, everyone (except one guy) thought I couldn’t pull it off. To be frank, there are at least 20 newspapers from one class, and all 20 of them would have pretty much similar content. Then, there’s the 21st. My newspaper.

Some may not call it a newspaper, some may argue over it being more like a magazine, some may say that there are technical faults. (All not really wrong in their judgment.) But, to me, it’s a newspaper that I would want to read. Here are some ‘making of’ stories that I would like to share with you.

The Name

When I was thinking up of names, I thought of several existing newspaper names that were not creatively modified already. (I couldn’t call it Manipal Mirror, for chrissake.) Then, one name struck me, The Sun. And, then ‘The Moon’. I laughed. I knew this was it. Lots of references struck me. The Moon stands for the night, and since childhood I have always been a creature of the night. Have you ever seen a newspaper in the night? This was the sort of a thing, that strikes you out of pure, sheer, extreme luck. The stuff of inspiration that artists talk about. So simple. Yet so unique.
I knew it wasn’t going to impress my teacher, but it impressed me and it was enough to give me a passing grade.

Quark Xpress

The night before I started working on The Moon, (April 7) I hadn’t opened Quark Xpress in a computer. I did take a few tips from some people, but never really help. It was imperative that I pull this off on my own. So that when it is all over, I can gain some respect and ego back. Not for anyone, but myself. That said, Quark Xpress is a beautiful software that makes Newspaper & Magazine making, a whole lot simpler.

The Reports

Again, I’ll be frank, most of the reports that other newspapers have had have been ripped off and slightly edited from somewhere. (Not a wrong thing at all, I did a similar thing for my reporting and writing assignment last semester. Us students have more important things to do than worry about plagiarisation.) Mine have all been original. Why? Because, at last this blog has redeemed its beauty to me. And, the years of hardwork that I have put into it, without having any real encouragement but the desire to please the self has paid off.

I have written a few reports, then and there in Quark Xpress itself. Exclusively for The Moon. One being, the concept of the newspaper, itself.

The Interviews

There have been two interviews done in this newspaper. Both of non-celebrities. One was conducted over Email. And the other, was over a laptop. Like, I typed a question, passed the laptop, and let Suhas Yellapantula type out the answer.
The Email interview was of Priya Prakash, whom I have known via my previous blog, Funthusia. (It was popular.) She now runs a magazine at http://www.startmagazine.in

The Advertisements

Here, at least, I am in accordance with the rest of the newspapers. The thing is, we (That is me.) at The Moon, maybe ideologically different from other newspapers but when it comes to the idea of money, we are all the same. Currency therefore is such a strong part of our national identity.


I have covered Pakistan Cricket in it, because I have been a long time fan of theirs. Not because of the victories that I celebrated with their team, but because of the heartbreaks I suffered with them. After all, love is a stuff made up of heartbreaks.

I remember while watching Border, as a kid, I hated the Pakistanis. But then, there was this last song called ‘Mere Dushman, Mere Bhai’ which slightly shifted me as a person. The two flags shown flying side by side is still a moment of my childhood that I can totally recall.

Group Project

This was supposed to be a group project, and due to my own lack of initiative, and a stroke of immense bad luck at the wrong time; when I started looking for people, I saw that there was a no vacancy board hanging almost everywhere.
But, I am glad that happened. I couldn’t have so much creative freedom as I had with The Moon, with a group mate.

Final Note

When you really crave for chicken, you wouldn’t want it boneless would you. I did this assignment without having a laptop of my own, without having even a pendrive, without having an internet connection on the laptop that I was doing Quark Xpress on, without any group member and most importantly without time. Only two things were there: A desire to gain some respect back for the self. And this fucking Blog.

When you really crave for chicken, you wouldn’t want it boneless would you?

Download the newspaper here.