For time unknown, I have always believed that I was a good guy. The sort of a gentleman who wouldn’t even hurt a flea. But, there was this Wikipedia article that I went through about the Seven deadly Sins and realised, that I am actually not as noble as I think I am. I’d say this is an excellent tool for self introspection. And even makes for some excellent personal blogging material. I’d recommend you to do it yourself if you are a personal blogger by any chance and not worry about the judgments that people will have after reading your honest piece of confession.

Seven Deadly Sins

Sourced from (Excellent Blog, btw)

1. Lust-

Haha. I have committed this sin not once, not twice but quite a number of times. Though technically, one defines lust as a sin of a sexual nature, I would like to include other variations of the same sin. But first, the lust of the fairer sex. As a kid, in 4th standard, I used to dream that if at all I would be in place of Akshay Kumar in the infamous Tip Tip Barsa Pani song, life would be amazing. Later on, I dreamt of having the Shaka laka Boom Boom pencil which will develop anything you draw with it into a living reality. I would draw some real nice heroines. Then later, when the female students of my class grew up, all the boys started to suddenly find their hormones pumping. I, myself was not a Brahmachari.

Amongst other things, I have craved for are cigarettes, internet, television, money, etc. etc.

2. Gluttony-

Ever had that night where you had a lot of booze just because someone else was paying for it and ended up ruining your own health for the next three days? I’ve had it.

3. Greed-

This is not much different from Gluttony. Only it is there in the status world. Thankfully, I have never really had any greed regarding being a powerful man, or shit like that. I never wanted to be freaky rich when I grew up. In this regard, I have always been idealistic.

4. Sloth-

As of now, the world has become such a place where one can be egoistic about the fact that they are lazy. There have been exams that I have given without preparation, thinking I’ll do better the next time. I don’t remember the last time I studied from my own notes. Time and again, I have been told that I am such an incredible waste of talent. That God has done injustice by giving me the gifts that he should have ideally given to a much more sincere human. But then, such is the way of life.

There have been many posts in the previous months about how sloth has set into my life.

5. Wrath

I have been known to be a cool person in life. So, my anger has never really caused many problems in life. In fact, there are times that I have decided to channel my anger into something creative. So yes. I am pretty good in this regard.

6. Envy

I cannot say I have never been envious in life. I have been envious of the guy who could get any girl, I have been envious of the guy whose father has a big business so he doesn’t have to worry about studies that much, but mostly I have been envious of , etc. etc. I don’t think it is out of me, by

7. Pride

This is the biggest sin of all, the source of all the other sins, something that even the mighty Raavan couldn’t refrain from. According to St. Augustine, pride can be defined as “love of one’s own excellence.” and I have felt this experience a lot of times. However, interestingly I have noticed that when others have been proud of my deeds (not very often) I have often experienced that sweet taste (not overpowering) of humility.

As a writer, and as a human being of such times, I guess pride does become an imperative thing to do in life, but then again, I am reminded how much of life have I seen.


This was it for now. I will do a similar piece on Seven Heavenly Virtues anytime soon. Until then, this is Sameer Jha for Narratively Yours, signing off from Manipal. 🙂