At the end of my last post, I had promised to do a follow up with a personal account on the Seven Heavenly Virtues.  Now, I am not the most kind person you’ve ever met but still, I’d like to think that I am more acutely aware of my strengths and weaknesses than most people for the simple reason that  I like to spend time on my own. While, I still believe Experience makes you learn much more than reading, reading is something which sort of enhances your ability to get more wisdom out of what you have experienced.

Written below is an account portrayed with full honesty.

1. Chastity: Even though I have had feelings of lust, and everything I have never really stared at a girl’s ass or something to make her feel uncomfortable. Whenever, I see a lady in a fully crowded gents compartment, I do utter a mental curse at her indecision but never do a ‘chance pe dance’ kind of a touch like some of my friends do. I would not want to live in a state where someone accuses me of anything of this sort.

Although, I have to admit that I have done some intoxication in my life. With the simple intent of relaxation.

2. Temperance: My personal ego, does not allow me to take favors which I cannot in some way repay. The recent incident of me doing a newspaper on my own was a case of not having too many diligent friends. So, when everyone around was making back-door entries in some other group, I decided to pull it off on my own.

3. Charity: One thing I have been charitable with all my life is knowledge. This blog, is an example. Me, being a writer is also an attempt at enriching someone else’s life. Even though, I may not be successful at it, I do it with an intention of selfless giving. Also, I am not one of those who do charity in order to win hearts.  But, only when my heart tells me to do it.

I am not very charitable with money though. Lol. But, I have given a 10 Rs. note to a beggar once.

4. Diligence: This one thing, I don’t have. I am not a hardworking guy in general. And, now that I have come to the topic, I remember how at a small age my family members showed pride on my wisdom, and said if only I was good at studies, I’d be very good. But then, If Only the English didn’t come to India, we would all be from different countries.

5. Patience: This is something I have, usually in my life. Comes more out of my ability to do absolutely nothing. Also, I do not get angry that easily and more often than not let time do the healing.

6. Kindness: I am a kind person, but not with everyone. I am not too kind to people who display classic cases of foolishness. Even then, with my best intentions, I have been unreasonably rude to some people in my life just to get a kick out of it. I kind of feel guilty though, after all that I’ve done.

7. Humilty: I kind of suffer with a variation of bipolar wherein a person is humble one moment, and extremely overconfident the next. That said, sometimes in order to compliment ourselves to our achievements we become extremely over-confident, especially when our achievements are laced with anger. That said, I don’t know if I am humble since I am proud. But, I do not feel happy taking compliments which I do not deserve.


So, this was it. Next time I’ll post something lighter. Like a personal update or something. (The postcount needs to keep ticking.)

Until Next time, this is Sameer Jha for Narratively Yours, signing off from Manipal.