The previous post on Goa has been password protected. For a reason. My intention was not that of stopping people from reading this piece of mine, but to make sure that it is not available publicly online for all the wrong people to read. You can ask me for the password.

As for my life, my second semester exams are approaching. I am not the kind who’ll get nervous. I am in fact, looking for a very good creative idea that I can execute during the exams when creativity levels will be high. Nothing seems to be striking me now.

Also, I am waiting desperately to go home and eat good food and relax on the bed with the TV. But, I know my Utopian fantasy will be broken once I get home. Life is a bitch, afterall. And mind somehow needs to absolved in work. But what to work on – that is the question. I was planning  a second edition of  The Moon, but somehow the idea of a self made, self written newspaper seems pompous to me. Plus, whatever I write there, I can publish on my blog. So why make a newspaper? (I still love the concept of having a newspaper in the night though.) ”

Anyways, now that we’re discussing of work, a lot of my friends are already busy looking for internships. I am not, because I have a “I’m way too smart for this shit!” kind of an image. Which obviously, I have to live up to. Also, I don’t like asking for favors. Like most people, I cannot ask someone to use their influence in getting me a job. That too, a someone who is not your close friend or anything, just an acquaintance. If he is in power, so many people would be asking him for favours. Why to add one more burden? I can’t do this shit even if I die of hunger. (Not big ego, but plain family taught manners.)

Anyways, I’ll talk more in the posts to come. I want keep going, but I do have respect for your time.