The only reason I am writing this right now, is because I am in urgent need of some writing that will release my anxiety so that I can peacefully go back to sleep. The thing is right now, my roommate and a few other friends have left Manipal. Also, we are over with our first year of college.

And being away from home, when you see the people around you go home, you are sort of placed in a limbo. You cannot change your lifestyle in a swash, like you do after reaching home and you can also not lead the lifestyle that you were used to leading with your friends. It’s one of the worst things in Manipal. And it’s worse, because there is no one’s stupidity or your own foolishness to blame for it. Like in most other cases of emotional distress.

When I go back home, things will appear a little stranger. Because, the bonding has really multiplied  in this semester, compared to the first one.