I’ve always maintained that one should go through all kinds of experiences in life, in order to enrich themselves. So, when I did not have any sort of reservation and all buses were packed, I decided to travel General Class from Udupi to Mumbai. More so, because I couldn’t stay for a day longer in Manipal. Such, was the craving to go home.

I thought, it’s only 16 hours, I can handle that much time in any compartment. But oh man, that was not to be, 4 hours into the journey and I was ready to get down into the next station and take a taxi back home even if it meant I’d be charged with a lot of money. But, somehow I resisted.

After 8 hours, I had difficulty feeling my backbone. I tried to crack it a few times but the relief was short-lasting. Thankfully, some station came and the man sitting next to me, (that is on the floor near the entry gates of a train) got up. I pulled out a bedsheet, spread it and slept. For like 4 hours. Most useful sleep of my life. When I got up, I told myself that I was in an episode of The Amazing Race and the hardships were a part of my task. Still, time ran slowly. An hour seemed like 4 hours. And the fucking train stopped every ten minutes for some strange reason.

But, finally I reached. I had no intentions to travel in a local train after the whole thing, and immediately took a taxi. (I felt like a spoilt kid doing that, but still I gave myself the assurance that I deserved an easy ride home from now on.)

And so, I did reach home, only to see internet servers down. And later in the night, when I was getting back into the groove with the MI vs KKR match, the light went off. In the most critical situation of the match. I had to follow it on Cricinfo mobile. Damn my luck.

Today has been better, though I am facing increasing difficulty getting out of the house to smoke. (My Mom found an empty cigarette packet in my luggage and a lighter in my jeans.) Today, I have been able to go out just once to buy bread and cheese so that I am healthy and strong.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Until Next time, this Sameer Jha for Narratively Yours signing off from NAVI MUMBAI.