Being fed on romantic comedies both of Indian and foreign origin, Rishi had always thought that coffee dates would be all good and give rise to great conversations.

But no, here he was in a Cafe Coffee Day (A name that only a stupid mind can have thought up of), waiting for his date to finish her coffee just so that he could pay off the bill and go out and smoke a Classic Milds. (A genuinely ingenious name unlike CCD.)

He was continuously putting on a smile, and nodding approvingly at the stories his date was telling him. He was not listening to them, but he was sure that they were pure dumbery of the first order.

It was not like he was putting up with this to get into her pants, an act that he was more scared to do now because in time he would break up, and break her heart and knew that if in case that happens, the girl will have no shame shouting out the injustice that he had done with her.

Amongst these thoughts, the girl had finished her coffee, and her story (whatever it was).

“Would you like to order something else?”, she asked.

“No. No. I have no money.”, he lied.

“It’s okay, I’ll pay now.”, she said.

“No need. Why are you wasting money on these overpriced items. No sense it makes.”, and before he finished that sentence, he signaled the waiter to bring the bill.

He looked in his wallet, and there was a 500 Rs. note. If he paid that his lie regarding not having enough money will be called off. But, he paid it anyways, trusting the girl’s blunt mind to not catch it.

As they went out, Rishi heaved a sigh of relief and sensing opportunity immediately made an excuse of having to meet a friend and left in a hurry. (As a goodwill gesture, he made sure that the girl had enough auto money to take one back to her place.)

After that, he smoked a Classic Milds honoring the personal promise that he had made to himself, and then switched off his phone.