This is the stage of life that I am going through right now. It’s like walking on a random highway with no sign of board that says – Destination 316 kms away. It’s like standing in a line where people ahead of you instead of reducing in number are multiplying.  And sometimes dividing. It’s like writing an answer paper where the questions never run out.

I cannot be proactive and take a lift on my highway so as to reach the destination in a quicker manner. I can also not push away people and crack a Amitabh Bachchan dialogue stating, ‘Line wahi se shuru hoti hai, jahaan hum khade hote hai.’ I can also not skip questions and finish the answer paper and throw it on the examiner’s face not giving a fuck about whether I pass or fail. (I used to do that in 10th standard where the peon was only the examiner. Such a bad boy I was.)

I can do nothing but wait.

I can also not see any exit gate.

When will I see it, and at what date,

The person who will let me know will be extremely great.

That poem was shit. I know. But then, this is not a planned post. I planned it, but scrapped every plans as soon as I clicked that Add New Post button on my WordPress dashboard.