On the first of July, I (along with a couple of friends) am planning to release a new issue of The Moon. (Follow the link, to know more.) As of now, I have three people who I know will contribute. But if you my dear reader, would like to add something to it; I will be more than pleased. Rest assured, I don’t have much selective issues and unless your article is downright abusive or lame I will make sure that it does find space in the newspaper. As a reciprocal act, I will ship an issue at your home so that you can show it off to your parents and friends. (Only in India. Free of cost.)

If you have a blog, and would want to give me license to choose, then even better. Also, it’s not really a big newspaper with a lot of exposure but yes, real people read it. Interested folks can comment here or mail me at sam71190@gmail.com. You can also ping me on my Twitter handle.

Thank you.