Okay then boys and girls- this is basically one of those lame tag posts that would have been answered in the same way if I would have answered them in 9th standard. But still, I am doing it for personal timepass and also because I have not been feeling really happy lately. So, here are the 15 questions asked in this meme based on a popular Twitter hashtag.

1. Night Or Day

Night. Any day.

2. Facebook Or Twitter

Facebook. I am not really popular on Twitter. Besides, strangers do not always appreciate your caliber.

And even though, Twitter is more enriching; if it becomes mandatory to delete one of these accounts then I’d delete Twitter.

3. Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage

Love Marriage yaar. Arranged Marriages can sometimes get funny. As in, they’ll show you someone else’s photo and during the marriage someone else will sit beside you. This shit is not limited to movies, it is actually true.   Also, here’s an excellent clip that I found at Maya‘s blog about arranged marriage. I have watched the first two minutes and I already find the lady incredibly funny.

4. Manipal Or Mumbai

Aah. Tough One. But Mumbai. The time I spent in Mumbai before joining Manipal was creatively and emotionally very rewarding.

5. Good looks Or Intelligence


6. Money or Respect

Respect. Money may make you forget the sad life of yours, but respect actually makes it a good life. And plus, I know I don’t have much of a chance at making truckloads of money. So, why hope for it.

7. School or College

School. Even though, I was hated by all the teachers, I think it was a very happy experience.

8. Funthusia or Narratively Yours

Narratively Yours. New readers, may not know but Funthusia was my previous blog. It sucked, which is why it was popular.

9. Drums or Guitar


10. Tea Or Coffee

Coffee. Though, I consume a lot more of tea than coffee.

11. Arts Or Commerce

Commerce. Though, I am more of an Arts guy, I had a better time doing Commerce. Problem is- that the teachers in Arts section do not reward true talent.

12. Maharashtra Or Karnataka

Karnataka. One State, Many Wonders. Kannada Gothilla. Plus, I have to live there for two more years.

13. US or UK

I’d prefer the land of Cricket over the land of WWE, as of now. Also, the British stayed in our place for so many years. We have a right to invade theirs.

14. Prose Or Poetry

The pros of Prose delights me more.

15. Me Or You

I am often adjusting and selfless. So, yes. You.

Okay done. If you have a blog and would like to do this tag yourself, then you are more than welcome. You are also allowed to change, add or subtract the questions.If you don’t have a blog, you are free to  use the comments section of this one.

Otherwise, I’ll tag a few people whose answers I’d love to see. I totally understand, if you chose not to do it. After all, some people do have better things to do in life unlike me.

Anyways, here’s the list.

Sudaksh, Priya, Perx, Jatin, and anyone and everyone on the web who wants to do timepass.