This post is slightly educational, made mainly because of an obligation to write something about writing. (I try and mix up my posts, you see.) Please don’t go to sleep.

Months ago, I wouldn’t have felt guilty writing any sort of things on writing, as at that time, I was writing at a pretty decent speed and reading about writing too. (Now, I am blogging. Not the same thing, you know.)

As the title suggests, this post is about Voice in writing. But, I think it should be helpful to people involved in other arts too. (I am pompous, what to do.) That said, it is only a slight aspect.

To explain a writer’s voice, let’s draw an analogy to a person’s voice. Think about your own voice, if you call your best friend, from an unknown number, he/she will be able to understand it’s you, merely by the way you say, ‘Hello!’. That’s because you have a distinguished voice. Your friend being an expert of it, will recognise your voice even if you speak angrily or politely, or with a cold. Literary experts are in a way like that.

Let us consider, first, as to why you speak in the voice you do. What distinguishes it. Your physical structure, (ear, throat, body, etc.) the kind of family that you were brought up in, the language you speak, the languages you know, etc. etc. And most importantly time, because with time, voice can change. Boys have a certain period were their voice sounds neither like a child nor like an adult. No softness and no baritone. But, nice nonetheless.

Similarly, writer’s when they have written for a while and gained experience along the way, they suddenly discover an Adam’s Apple. Which totally changes their thought process while writing and the written stuff itself.

This is the rule of nature.

So, by now, if I ask you a 4 mark question asking you to distinguish between A person’s Voice and A Writer’s voice, then you should be able to answer it.

If as an artist, you have a voice, then that is a very potent missile in your arsenal. But, not everyone has it. Just like, nature does not give the gift of speech to a few people. The gift of having a voice is possessed by only a few artists. Some gain it by operation, some waste it, some develop a mediocre voice, some develop a voice that it is fit to be in advertisements for big companies, and some blow it away courtesy a careless accident. This also is a rule of nature.

Anyways, that’s it. I wrote this a long time ago and it was lying in the private posts of my blog. It struck a chord and I decided to publish it.