Even though this topic has been done to death a million times over, I will write it since this man has been ticking me off for quite a while now. Now, the proper argument against CB haters is, ‘If you don’t love him, just don’t read his books. The man has sold so many books. Cut him some slack.’

Until, a month ago I too would subscribe to this thought, and ignore this man. But, there are things of his that I have seen in the recent past that have totally ticked me off. So yes, here are three reasons as to why I hate Chetan Bhagat.

1.) Puppy Faced Innocence:

Here’s a recent tweet of his.

If I offer to help fix the education system, will b labeled a) publicity seeker, b) politically motivated, c) rss agent. Hence, sit. Watch.

Now, then Mr. Chetan Bhagat we did not call you a publicity seeker for fighting corruption, but we called you so because of the method in which you fought it. That is, fasting on the 8th of June. That too for the half of eighth of June. A purely idiotic thing made strategically in order to gain attention.

Also, if you want to fight corruption expose the corrupt. Or tell us the truth about the places in which you have seen corruption. Being a celebrity, you have the power to defame organizations. Be brave.

2.) Incredible Cheese:

Here’s another tweet of his.

If you don’t follow CB, well you don’t follow CB.

Confidence toh dekho laundey ka. It’s okay, if you don’t hate him for this, but me- I can’t take it man.

3.) His Latest Short Story:

“Yes, hi, I’m Gautam Arora, and after eighteen wonderful years in Delhi, I’ve decided to end my life.”

Dear Chetan, This is another mark of very amateur writing. C’mon man, can’t you get a better hook than a bloody suicide. I know suicide’s are a sad thing, but by telling a story in this manner, you are purposefully making a dig at the Education System and not the personal life of Gautam Arora. Also, the reasons you have given for his suicide are not credible at all. I have read the story till midway, and instead of empathizing with the Arora guy, I feel angry at him. I don not think it is the education system’s fault if a person commits suicide if he doesn’t get into the top 3 colleges of Delhi.

That is why unlike good stories this one too wouldn’t work anywhere outside the realm of Indian students frustrated with the education system. If you can’t understand why I hate him for this, then never mind.

PS: Anyways, that’s it. Chetan Bhagat supporters can come out and argue. No name calling. I never said I am an intellectual, so don’t call me pseudo-intellectual. And most importantly, I have totally justified why I hate him personally.