Scamming people was not a talent that Rishi had developed overnight. In School, he had scammed many girls in order to get them to do his homework. All he needed to do was make a false promise through his actions and tone of speech, and do a 180 degrees turn later. He didn’t make any promise using words, which is how he made sure that scamming doesn’t have an effect on his reputation.

As a banker though, Rishi had feared scamming of any sort because it was not his reputation at stake. He could lose his job, and maybe even go to Jail.

Until one fine day, when he was not feeling too cheery about the general attitude of his colleagues towards him, an idea struck him. A 45 year old lady entered the bank, offering to repay the loan even when, the Bank’s Personal Loan Brochure clearly state – No Security, No Guarantor . The Lady had entered just because she thought that an unpaid debt will give problems to the soul of the deceased. And, hence it was a moral obligation for her.

That Night, Rishi couldn’t sleep.ย  On one hand, he had an idea that could make him lots of money. On the other, there was little bit of risk involved, that could send him to jail. The plan was to take money from the family on behalf of the bank, and let the bank think that the money was never even received.

He remembered a friend who decided between two options based on a coin toss. If God was withย  him, he’d be blessed with a heads. If not, then a tails would put an end to all the misery within. The coin was flipped into the air, and after making quite a few turns the result was revealed. It brought a smile on Rishi’s face. It was Heads. He felt blessed for the task ahead.

Like a detective, he thought of the permutations and combinations through which he could be exposed. And one by one, developed a counter for all the possibilities. Once, he was satisfied with ingenuity of the plan, he decided to sleep. That night he dreamt of traveling to the various places of the world. He imagined losing money in Vegas. Watching a cricket match at Lord’s. And other such things.

The next day in office, he called up his secretary to give him files, of all the personal loans unpaid due to the death of the borrower. In five minutes, he had all the files, and just by going through their names he sometimes had an idea about the honesty of the people. Prejudiced, as he was he decided not to recover any money from people whose surnames belonged to the Western part of India.

An hour later, he made the call. He knew that from the first word he spoke, he would not only be doing a legal crime, but also displaying the worst level of humane behavior.

“Hello, Can I speak to Mr. P.N. Mishra?”

By asking to talk to the deceased five years after their death, he planned to freshen up the wounds of his target and thus making them more emotional and less logical in the process. Eventually, he was informed of the death, and that is when he decided to play the Ace that he had up his sleeve.

“Actually, we tried to contact you many times before but were unable to. Your husband had taken a loan of Rs. 5 Lakhs from our bank, and we were not aware of his death. Now, if you chose not to pay we cannot do anything against you, because that is our bank’s policy. But, in the future your sons might face problem when it comes to procuring loans. So, if you want to close this case then it’s good for your son’s future. Else, we cannot force you to do anything. So, what is your intention?”

The ‘sons will face problem in the future’ problem struck Mrs. Mishra as fair and realistic. And also, there was a subtle hint, which said, “Your husband had taken the money, used it up. Now do you want to pay it back or leave a black mark against his name?”.

She further inquired, “You have not made a single call in 5 years. Do I have to pay the interest on these 5 years?”

Rishi, now posing as Ayaz, said. “No, since your husband is dead, we are not looking to make money out of this loan. We just want to recover our principal amount back.”

And, after answering a few more questions. At the end, he gave them his mobile no. (unidentified sim) and told them that he’ll message them the account number in which they’ll have to submit their money. (He had himself opened a new account on the basis of fake documents.)

Once the money was procured, he would send the members of the family a Letter from his bank (which was not tough to procure inside the office) assuring them that the bank had received the money, and that their husband’s name was now cleared.

For the 20 years that he lived after that, he felt like a lion. It was his right, to gobble up the timid creatures in this human jungle. He died on a trip to USA though. And, as fate would have it his accidental insurance was not paid to his family since the company itself had broken down. The account in which he had kept his life’s savings, was not accessible to his family. It was not on his name after all.


PS: I am not used to writing such stories. Do let me know if you think it doesn’t work. ๐Ÿ™‚