The first time I heard Juliet sing, I was too preoccupied in my thoughts to realize how deeply her voice could touch me. There was nothing really extraordinary in her singing, but yet whenever she touched a note that was bordering on greatness, the ecstasy of being was felt. So much so that even the greatest female singer paled in comparison. It was almost like her music was tailor-made to put an end to all the disquiet that I had in my life then.

It was not all good though. (Life is never like a Mathematics paper, where if you get all the aspects right, you will get 100/100 consistently. It is equally tough to consistently get 7/100 also.)There were times when I couldn’t listen to her for some reasons, and at these times I used to keep dreaming about what her music would be like the next time I listen to her. But, things would resume  to normal, very soon after that.

Slowly, though  with the course of time, I could no longer keep listening to Juliet. There were other things in my life, which took over. And, slowly over days the tree that I had planted with Juliet slowly started to approach death. Until on a incredibly wretched day, I bloody ran a chain saw through it.

Since then, there’s been no music. And even though, I tried bringing the best students of botany to resurrect the tree to its old glory things have not quite worked well.

Life has to move on though. And, when I looked around I found that I was not the only Lovestuck Romeo here. There was a whole factory of such people who were more than ready to welcome me into their dark life.

As for Juliet, I see that her music has become a lot more controlled. As in, she puts a lot more thought into her song, before actually singing it. I am still an audience to it. But, not so intimately. Sometimes, in my dreams I imagine the both of us planting a tree again, this time with much more strength and wisdom. So that, later on when it grows big and all, it’ll take quite some doing to make it fall.

But then, I know it’s only a dream. Or maybe, in retrospect a nightmare.

PS: Leave what you think about this in the comments section. I am going through a major experimental phase in my writing.