The school I went to, had a motto: Soaring High Is My Nature. By 12th standard, I had remixed it to ‘Scoring’ High Is My Nature, looking at my school’s enviable academic record. Now though, that I am out of it, I have remixed it yet again. My mantra now is: ‘Scoring Low, Is My Motto.’

So then, I thought I should share the story of my steep decline with you guys. I don’t know why I am doing this, but then I am nearing 200 posts and I am hungry to reach there as soon as possible.

1. 4th std. –

(“So what, I didn’t get top ranks like my brother. I got 88% which is very good.”)

2. 5th std. –

(“So what, if I didn’t cross 90% in any subject. I got 78% that is not very bad regardless of what people say.”)

3. 6th std. –

(“Okay, were it not for Marathi. I would have done well. Anyways, students have failed, can you bloody believe it?)

4. 7th std. –

(“70% is not bad. I’ll try and score above 75 next time. Right now, I have to go and finish my Harry Potter.”)

5. 8th std. –

(“60% is terrible. But, look at how tough the portion has become. Big fat textbooks for Physics, Chemistry And Biology. Maths is becoming so bloody confusing man. I need to join Tuitions next time.”)

6. 9th std. –

(“So what I failed? This is just preparation for 10th boards. And, besides 9th marks don’t matter. I might just as well, read as many Ken Follett novels as I can.”)

7. 10th std.

(“These are all bullshit exams. I’ll do well in the boards.”)

Boards-(“74.2% is good enough to get me Commerce. What I’ll do with 90% if I don’t want Science.”)

8. 11th std. –

(“Fuck this system. Our education is hell bent on killing our creativity. I must make a blog post telling the world how it is so.”)

9. 12th std. –

(“These are all bullshit exams. I’ll do well in the boards.”)

Boards-(“70.2% is good enough to get me into an Arts College. What I’ll do with 90% if I don’t want to do CA or get into a good commerce college..”)

10. FYBA. –

(“Fuck this. I am going to Manipal.”)

11. Manipal.

(“Chalo, at least I am passing this year comfortably. Now that the FYBA jinx is broken, I’ll try better next time.”)

So yeah. That was it. Hope you enjoyed. Until next time, this is Sameer Jha for Narratively Yours, signing off from Navi Mumbai.