Rishi, responded to his name by going into the cabin. He knew that the people with whom he was competing with were more suited to this job, and his inclusion will be a mistake on the company’s part. But, still he went in. More angry with himself than the interviewer for the rejection that he was about to face.

He had to be coaxed into even appearing for the interview by his friend. Rishi never saw the point to it because, even though his self confidence was low in these matters, rejection by lesser mortals always made him feel incredibly small. But then, isn’t it common knowledge that one should try and try until they succeed. The tragedy of Rishi’s life was he had always been bitten hard whenever he tried. From greatly distressing things like- failing to get a girl he loved to trivial things like getting a good body, or learn the guitar- none of his aims were fulfilled. When he exercised, he used to fall sick in a few days. It was almost as if God didn’t want him to get whatever he tried to get. So rotten his luck was.

Slowly though, as the nature of human mind is he had become accustomed to his rotten luck, and didn’t waste much effort in trying. For months he would go without having any specific sort of passion, to achieve something. At times, the various tragedies of his past life even amused him. Few things in life felt better than feeling sorry about oneself.

When the letter for this interview had come, he’d have thrown it into the dustbin had his friend not been there in the house to intrude. The angry lecture that his friend gave him, disturbed his equilibrium. He was even more distressed with the fact that his arguments sounded hollow.

“There are many others who would have better qualifications for this job, than me? Besides, I cannot work under a stupid boss. I’ll choke myself.”

“Nobody is telling you to decide whether you are good for the job or not. It is the interviewer’s job. Let them do as they deem fit.”

“But, even if I do get a job, I’ll only destroy my reputation even further, by making some blunder later.”

“Oh, so now you have become an astrologer. Work hard,and earn. Don’t make excuses. I’ll pay you Rs. 3,000 from my pocket if you do a blunder that has occurred by a stroke of bad luck, and not just plain ignorance.”

Rishi couldn’t argue further. He yielded to his friend’s demand and promised him that he’ll attend the interview. But then, he thought all this talk about not doing any more blunders on the job, or something could only be possible if he cleared the first step. Otherwise, all these dreams of reclaiming a normal life will go moot. And he will again be stuck for a long while in that restlessness mode.  He could not afford anymore scars.

He finally decided, that the interview that he was going to give now would be make or break. If he succeeds, then well he’ll go ahead with his life. If he fails, then he’ll just have to stop himself from going through so much punishment.