I bought a seven-dollar pen because I always lose pens and I got sick of not caring.
-Mitch Hedberg

As someone who still prefers writing longhand, as compared to typing I am very fond of good pens. (Good pen in my book is any pen that costs above Rs. 25.) As a kid, I felt extremely jealous when my brother brought all the shiny little pens while all I had was Apsara Platinum. And if lucky, a Pen Pencil. Ha, what a hilarious concept that was. Using the kids desire to buy a pen, into a business proposition. I never used Pen Pencil for a long time though, because I always ran short of Leads and also there were little mischievous thieves in my class.
As soon as I entered 6th standard, I brought myself an Add Gel PG 300 pen, and wrote with it in class. Such a lovely experience. And even though my memory fails me at this point, I am pretty sure I lost that pen in a few days. The stories and the things that we used to do with pen, still remain though. The famous China Pen which sprouted Ink if one waved it a bit violentlyย  spoiled many School Uniforms. One kid’s eye started bleeding a little bit after Ink had gone in. ๐Ÿ˜ Then there was always the keep your pen erect (no wrong ideas) on the seat just before someone was about to sit, in order to inflict some serious pain in the ass.
Still, as far as pens were concerned, my favorite was and still is No Uni Ball, No Gel, No Ball, No China, Only Pilot.
But then, with time though I shifted to 10 Rs. wala Gel Pen. And ultimately by 10th, I came to good old Lexi 5. After 10th, I stopped buying pens, and started borrowing. The Facebook page called, ‘Oye! Extra Pen Hai Kya?’ seems to have been invented by someone like me only, I am sure.
Anyways, that is it. I think a good pen, can give rise to good thoughts. (Again, no wrong ideas)