There are things that just fuckin’ tick me off. One such moment was when one of my teachers who has never ‘read’ the books, proclaimed that we are all a spoilt generation who like things which let us ‘escape’ from the real world, and that Harry Potter is just about Magic. Now when he said that, I couldn’t come up with a proper response that I felt was worthy of opening my mouth. But, then now I have a few points. So here goes.

1.) Through Magic, Harry Potter makes us appreciate the small things in life

For example, one would think as to why a man in a photograph made out of paper is moving. Fair thing, but if you look at it, even in real world if photographs are well taken it can produce a sensation in our mind which is equivalent of a photograph moving. Photos from a trip taken, can produce a story in your mind which was happening when the photograph was being taken.

Also, I wouldn’t be too shocked if 100 years from now, people can carry their entire digital lives on a sheet of paper. Yes, including that harddisk, which will cease to exist.

2.) This world doesn’t understand people with special talents.

That’s the whole logic behind segregating the Muggle and Wizardry world. You see, one world’s celebrity, is another world’s ‘a boy who lives under the staircase’. I just love how non magic folk are referred to as Muggles.

3.) The Concept Of  Slytherin

The four houses, contain the basic human nature of human beings. In every world, there are some people who are insecure about other people coming in. Basic human nature. These snobs, who think that only people with pure blood should come in. This is a snide comment on chauvinism of all kinds.

4.) The Weasleys

They are symbol of middle class struggle in today’s times. When, I first read the book I loved Ron more than Harry, even.

5.) Likewise.

Likewise, almost anything in the book can be made to stand as an individual theme in an artwork. From The Daily Prophet, to Lupin ebing a werewolf, to even Soul sucking Dementors. If you think, anything is just magic and merely the fancies of the author then you are wrong. There is a method to this madness. As a writer myself, I can imagine how much fun JK Rowling must have had in expressing these little ideas into a whole bloody series. If she had just used imagination without any basic nucleus to those imaginations the book wouldn’t have done so well.

PS: Doubts and abuses from Harry Potter haters accepted. Lovers of the magical series could show their appreciation just as well. 🙂