Art proposes, Science follows. It is common for us artists, to boast about how the ideas that Kalidasa and all proposed years ago as symbolic reality, are actually becoming basic necessities now. And how 100 souls of Newton, cannot make a Shakespeare. But yes, I will not undermine  the Scientific people here. They are really great! How else could I have had the pleasure of making this post to you if not for the wonderful scientists at WordPress.

But let me tell you how much of science I know by segregating them into parts, which are Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

1.) Physics– I never liked this subject. Refraction of light, and all, there only I stuck. If you ask me what is work, force and energy I cannot tell. Work is Worship. Force is not to be used on weaker people. And Boost is the secret of my Energy. This much Physics I know.

2.) Chemistry– I still know the first 20 elements of the periodic table thanks to a formula that I learned in 9th standard. But, that’s just about it. The only Chemistry that people in my college know is how to make cocktails and other funny things involving this chemical called Alcohol, so as to produce the maximum hit. “Arey, Aaj Rum mein beer mix kiya.. Aur uske upar se teen 30 ml ke vodka shots. Abhi toh fully OUT huu main!!!” (I don’t drink anymore unless forced to on a special occasion.)

Another thing, I am good at is self prescribing medicines. We Biharis are born with a good knowledge of pharmacy, after all.

3.) Biology– Like all boys who are 14+, maine bhi thoda bahut biology seekha hai.