Rishi had nothing better to do than just sit, and think about the various people in his life. It was strange, he noticed, as to how just thinking about people can make you experience an entire range of human emotions.

His favorite subject of thought, was the girl he loved. From time to time, he would look back in the past and experience the moments he had shared with her. He noticed as to how he didn’t pick obvious hints from her, and how incredibly cheesy he was this one time.  He also remembered, how there was this one action of his, which changed everything. He had not done it with bad intentions, but good intentions can sometimes have bad consequences on someone. If only, he had given a thought to human psychology before committing that error. But then, there was no use crying over spilled milk and he shifted his thoughts to his friends.

Oh! The number of people he had come to know over the past year. Men coming from different belongings and psychological make up, some already grown, some yet to have come of age. Yet, the last one year has brought about an immense change in everybody. There was this one night where he and a couple of his friends had hacked into another friend’s facebook account and made snarky comments about his group of friends. Thinking about it, still made him laugh with glee. How stimulating it was to take devilish pleasure by making snarky comments about someone’s funny surname, linking someone not so good looking with someone equally unattractive, tagging photos of a fat man as a ‘fat man’, etc. Oh, how they had waited for the moment when the friend who had been hacked will next log in. His face will be worth a million dollars.

Rishi couldn’t help but light up a cigarette amongst these emotionally charging thoughts and went to the balcony. After a few drags, he felt himself a lot calmer than a giggling teenager. And, he started thinking about his school. He had planned on meeting the teachers recently, but cancelled the plan since he didn’t have anything to say to them that he was proud of. Why go and unnecessarily embarrass oneself? Anyways, past is past and there was no use thinking about them since they were not going to influence his future.

Thinking about his future opened a whole new panorama of thoughts for him. He dreamt of being a succesful artist one day, and if ever he was interviewed, he would include a snide remark about all the people that demoralized him. He laughed like a devil at the thought of such incredible vengeance. For a moment, he actually felt like a good artist. He called his stories as an example of the existential truth of our lives.

But another pull at the cigarette, lowered his spirits a little bit. He instinctively began to think what will happen if he does not become successful. What if he remains a burden on his family, long after he completes his graduation? No, he will never let that happen. He would just take his share of property and fulfill all his wishes. And, then do anything that’ll feed his stomach and quietly pass away into oblivion. No marriage, no kids, no insurance policy.

He imagined the lonely life he would lead then, and even feared going mad like all those old people you see near railway stations. What the hell am I thinking, he told himself and finished the last few drags of the cigarette.

He switched on the TV, in order to distract himself and 5 minutes into it, he suddenly felt like a Don. “Naa Mujhko Gham hai, Naa mujhko parwaah, kaun mera dushman hua!”. The song ended, and the feeling inside him was replaced with that of a victimised kid of the society. “Bansi ko lakdi sada kehte rahe tum, magar uske nagmon ke dhun kahaan sun sake tum.” The next song though made him dance like a guy who is a lecherous shameless flirt. “Tujhe Aksa Beach Ghuma Duu.. Aa chalti kya?” Finally though, his night had come a full circle as far as his mind came to a full circle when he again started to think about his love. And thus, the night passed, until his brain had difficulty processing these thoughts. Which is when he slid into his bedroom and tried sleeping. 5 minutes later, he realized that his energy had returned. He logged on to Twitter, and Facebook through his mobile and started making comments. The night was still young.