Having slept at 5 am last night, I woke up with a half hearted desire to get a lot of things done. Get the PIN number for my ATM card from the bank, submit my documents for a Duplicate PAN card and lastly get the Laptop bag.

However, I have safely avoided the first two by pretending to be in deep sleep after lunch. (And, actually going into deep sleep while pretending.) It’s incredible how my desire to do these bureaucratic things fade at the time, I have to actually go and do them. While sleeping, I gave myself the assurance that the PAN office will not suddenly close down tomorrow. Nor will the bank suddenly deny to give me the PIN number if I go a day late. And, the Electronics store will have to give me a Bag, even if I go there claiming it one year from today. If they try and act funny, I will launch an online campaign to defame them. And cause bad word of mouth publicity. I am not kind to rich people and organizations you see.

Other than that, I am in the process of writing another story which is quite lengthy compared to the usual stuff I do.  And, it’s taking me a long time. Hopefully, I can finish it today and do a small edit tomorrow and publish it on this blog the day after.

Until next time, this is Sameer Jha for Narratively Yours, signing off from Navi Mumbai.