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Personally, I am against all kinds of awards, except the ones which are given for excellent performance in sports. Yes, even something as sacred as the Nobel Prize does not seem to me a good concept to begin with. Let alone the Academy Awards, or the Grammys.

Now, it would be much better if I had a trophy cabinet, before making such comments, but sadly I am not the kind of blogger who lets his argument suffer because of such small trivialities.

Anyways, so here in bullets I’ll explain a few important points against the concept of awards.

  • The most common argument against awards is that one does not need an award, to prove that their work or contribution to society is immense. I stand completely with that argument.
  • Awards make people greedy. And, in the wrong way. So many directors in India make films, hoping that it’ll get sent to the Oscars. This sort of a motive behind doing any work is a complete rape of resources and talent, according to me.
  • Awards tell us, who is the best, and who is not the best. What crap is this? Can’t we decide on our own? Why are you making judgments for us, and at the same time proclaiming that how good and fair your awards are. By naming a film, The Best Picture of 2010, you are killing it for me, because no matter how good the film will be, the fact that it has won the best picture will adulterate my thoughts about it. The best film experience for me has been, when I have watched the film accidentally. And without any premeditated notions or anything.
  • As a kid, whenever I didn’t like an Oscar nominated film, or a booker prize winning author, I cursed myself for not being sophisticated enough. What kind of sorry thought is that? If you’ve ever felt that way please regret it and vow never to feel that way again.
  • Awards are not good for the recipients either. They are sometimes led into the delusion that they have done better than their contemporaries, when in fact, god is witness to the fact that their fellow nominee had done a much more divine work.
  • I don’t think it encourages good work in any way, because if there were no awards artists or scientists would just be happy by the influence their work has made on some people’s lives.

Anyways, now that you’ve read till here- I hope that you, my dear reader, would now understand the fickle nature of these awards and not be intimidated by any of them. Winning the Nobel prize or Oscars, is just a media propagated honor for this country. The real honor lies, in Jeffrey Archer telling it time and again, about the great talent that India has given to the world in the form of RK Narayan. The real pride lies in the fact that we invented Zero and the concept of Decimals.

Yes, now that I’m feeling extremely patriotic after watching that video, I will end this post. Until Next Time, this is Sameer Jha for Narratively Yours signing off from the World’s Largest Planned City, Navi Mumbai!