Today is my last day of vacation, unless some disastrous calamity happens to hit my city. I don’t think it will though, it’s not 26th yet.

Anyways, the vacation has been good. Blogging has been done very frequently to my satisfaction. (And your irritation.) In another 3 posts after this, I’ll be reaching my 200th post on this blog. I’ll celebrate it by doing a self created meme, very much inspired from the 30 letters meme.

That said, I am really looking forward to the next semester. Things are going to be very exciting this time round. (No, I do not mean the academics, I mean the gossip and all. :P) Blogging though, will be slow for another week at least, I’ll be very busy. Lots of things have to be done- like getting a new sim card, getting a new ATM card, and yes, getting internet connection at my home. But, if I get the urge to blog, those very important things will have to wait.

Besides that, I have been reading some really nice graphic posters done on Tumblr. I might, given the time I’ll have start one myself. With all sorts of messages and all. If it turns out really well, I might just get a job in the advertising industry. (Dreams!) The thing with these wonderfully inspiring tumblelogs, is that they are not very tough to do. Some photoshop, some good thought, and some creative looking posters. And, it’s done. I can do 7 in a day, if inspiration is kind to me.

Also, I am looking forward to the juniors. Would have ragged them had I been ragged, but since I got lucky, I’ll avoid it. However, if someone else decides to harmlessly strike a chord with a junior, I’ll not act as Mahatma Gandhi, and say it is wrong. I’ll give him creative ideas, and revel in the fun. As long as it does not get out of line, it is okay to laugh at a junior’s expense. I’ll have a nice pep talk with him afterwards, saying it was all in good humor. And no offence. And other crap. Just to make sure he does not experience the agony long after the episode, also. #LikeAGoodSenior

I also hope to write many more stories, at least, four every month, if not one every week.

As for Navi Mumbai, I am a little sad to be leaving this somewhat tension free life. (All the tension that exists, is my personal agony.) I’ll be coming here again in November probably, and will probably even make a trip to Bihar that time. It’s been long since I met my grandparents. They have been extremely helpful to my nuclear family, in the last few years.

So yeah. That’s it, for now. Until next time, This is Sameer Jha for Narratively Yours, signing off for the last time from Navi Mumbai. Unless, some disaster happens of course.