After having a very fruitful (yet completely uneventful) existence at home, I am back to the completely free, yet no time to get bored existence of Manipal. The best part about this is, that you absolutely don’t have any idea about what’s going on in the world.  The chief minsiter of Karnataka resigned, and I had no bloody clue, even though I am living in Karnataka. However the intricate details and the evident change in people’s behavior has been reported without fail into my mind.

I have moved into a rented flat in Manipal, and am desperately waiting for Airtel Broadband to bless me with their presence. As of now, I don’t feel the craving for it at all, but I know that as soon as the dust settles- The craving will be back.

As for this blog, I’d love to keep the posts flowing, and keep my creative skills sharp. It’s very easy for them to deteriorate in the constant company that Manipal provides you with. Thankfully, by the grace of god, I am finding stories amongst my surroundings. I hope to write them down very soon.

Anyways, I would love to say more things and make more observations, but for now, my time at this cyber cafe is limited. So yes. Until Next Time, this is Sameer Jha for Narratively Yours, signing off from Manipal.

PS: Also, yes I have not ragged the juniors. Alas!