A few nights ago, I had a very interesting conversation with a friend about the sort of fiction he likes to read. And, then there are many of my friends, who do not read any kind of fiction, but still are insightful, level-headed human beings with truckloads of experience to compensate for the reading deficiency.

I also hate to put this in crude terms, and say- that one should read fiction for the fun of it. That is true, but the real fun of reading fiction is not to have a good timepass. It is there in seeing a feeling that you’ve gone through at some point in your life expressed with unimaginable beauty and simplicity on paper. The real pleasure of fiction is when, by reading a thought process of some character, you get to know what kind of feelings maybe running through the hearts of your friends. Like everything, achieving this level of appreciation does not usually come by reading just one book. But, after reading a small amount of books for a while, ONE BOOK can change it all. It’s like falling in love. It may not be the most perfect book, but it’s the book that makes you stamp your feet on ground and say, ‘This is what you call a bloody book.’.

And the good thing with books is that you are allowed to fall in love all over again, and say that the previous book you loved was just an act of bad judgment.

If I had to state one use of reading fiction, I would say that seriously good fiction helps you express complicated things in a more simple manner. (There’s a different kind of fiction which explains simple things in ridiculously complicated manner. I don’t see much beauty in that. Only creativity and intelligence.)

Anyways, that’s it. The post ends here. I have a few more thoughts, but I’ll save them up for later. If you yourself, have any theories about why you read fiction, then do let me know by using the comments section.

PS: 1 more post after this and this blog celebrates 200 posts. I have plans to celebrate. But, I will not be surprised if my mind tells me not to do it at the last moment.