Rishi was ready to use up his last 25 rupees, to order a burger. But, couldn’t since it was below the minimum required amount for food to be delivered. At any other time of the  day he would have walked it but at 3.40 am, it was impossible for him to walk till that place- the fear of misbehaved dogs being the deciding factor, rather than simple lethargy.

He couldn’t ask his roommate to chip in with an order himself since he was fast asleep and did not really need a burger. He had half a thought of waking him up and asking for money to order two burgers. But, that would be bad manners, and also a financial burden that he couldn’t afford at this moment. There were 2 days left for his pocket money to arrive, and that was his last 25 rupees. If nothing, he’d spend it on cigarettes, before he is forced to resort to borrow a couple of hundred to complete his saturday night drinking duty.

He tried to philosophize the whole situation. Since, this was a night of hunger and pain. There will come a time when he would experience unimaginable pleasures of gluttony. Now, was the time to go and sleep.

But, everytime he made an attempt to kill the night, he only saw burgers and sandwiches. The desperation was such that even boiled potatoes would do. But, then he knew tonight, he’d have to sleep hungry. Maybe, this was god’s punishment for wasting food on so many occasions. He thought of the farewell party where he had taken three times more chicken than he could ever eat just because everything was free. If only that chicken was given to him now- he’d be able to experience the most beautiful experience his memory could record.

He vowed never to waste food again, very well knowing that tomorrow morning (or afternoon) when he wakes up, the hunger will be gone. And he’d not much enjoy the idlis (cheapest edible food in the morning with okayish quantity) that he’ll have to tone down the weakness in his body. If only, the idlis were served then and there, he could eat it without sambhar and still consider it the food, that only gods were meant to consume.