This is the 200th post on my blog. I will now remove my imaginary helmet, run a few yards in adrenalin, look towards the heaven, and raise my bat towards the spectators witnessing this moment of a blogger’s personal glory.

However, unlike a cricketer, I don’t have a coach to thank, not a captain to acknowledge for all the confidence he had in me, I wouldn’t like to thank my mother for it because she doesn’t really read this blog or know about it. But then yes, I would thank a few people.

I would especially and most importantly like to thank people who’ve discovered my blog when no one really read it. Thanks for the lovely comments in times of great personal unhappiness. At one point, when I had dropped a year of college, blogging was the only activity I did all day long. Other than that, I would also thank the handful of readers that have enjoyed this blog over the past few months.

So now, that acknowledgments have been made, it is time for me to tell you that if at all you have read this blog over a while and made your presence felt, then yes, I guess ‘treat toh banta hai!’. (On a side note, to my readers in Manipal- will a Chilli Cheese Burger from  Planet Cafe do as a treat?)

Agar mann kare, toh say some words about this blog. And how your experience reading it has been. I’ll feel very happy.