I actually have no excuse to not be blogging everyday, (I don’t have anything to say really, is not an excuse I find genuine for myself) since I’ve internet as well as free time. So, then here is the ultimate bad post which will make me cringe at nights about the degenerated quality of my work, and maybe in that agony I will be inspired.

Other than that, I set up a blog on tumblr last night, called ‘Can’t Really Help It‘. It’s not intelligent or anything, but then it’ll take you 10 seconds to go through the entire content on the blog. Also, one funny thing I have noticed about tumblr is there are blogs which do nothing but reblog content from other blogs. So, in a way it is more of a sharing cum social networking platform rather than a pure blogging website. But then, it’s fun. And, most tumblr blogs are enriching.

My purpose of making a Tumblr is simple, to have a platform for little bursts of emotion that gets lost on Twitter and feels too small for WordPress. (Imagine a non internet addict reading that last sentence. Feels funny.)

I also have a blog on posterous by the way, called ‘Tried and Tested‘. (Yes, I have way too much free time.) Which again, I use to copy paste stuff about writing along with occasional side videos and things which I believe you should not miss. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that on this blog.

So, yeah. That’s it for now. I promise to do something better next time.