We have French as a subject this semester, and since I am the guy who happily sleeps in class, I realise that if I do not make an attempt to catch up now, I’ll be royally screwed in the exams.

So yes, thanks to this wonderful software called French Tutorial, I have made an attempt to learn French. And the result has been uncontrollable laughter. I mean it’s not like I am not picking up new things, and little figurative windows are not slowly opening in my mind, but then every time I try and pronounce Je, Tu, Il, Elle, Nous, Vous (I, You, He, She, We, You) with the computer I either laugh or try to control my laughter. (The translation above has been written without consultation from my tutorial. I am already feeling good. I have newly discovered on my own that the magazine Elle means She. How brilliant!)

Such exhilaration this language has. It feels so weird learning a new language at 20. And that too consciously. All the other languages I have learnt unconsciously. Hindi and Maithili I knew before I remember. I do not remember how I learnt the art of speaking English. I couldn’t do it as a kid, (Except for the recital of poems and all) coming from a family where nothing except the mother tongue was spoken. (And since my friends in class were just as hopeless, there was no real desire for me to speak it even though the teacher used to say ‘Speak in English!’) But then, slowly I guess through the reading of books, and all, I began speaking English just as well as my teacher. Don’t know when it happened. But, coming from Bihar and seeing so many people around you struggle with their English, trying to learn to speak it almost to the point of madness; this, was heartening.

Okay, now towards French. The reason I chose French over German is simple- I loved the word Connoisseur. (French: Connaisseur) I have loved that word ever since I first read it somewhere. A Connoisseur is an expert judge in matters of taste. (For eg. You, my dear reader, are a connoisseur of blogs since you chose to read this post up until here.)

Anyways, I hope in the next 7-8 months my French improves, and with that I get to throw some fancy French words in my English usage also. Like for eg. détente.